Correct Power Institute directs its planning service especially to customers who plan their data center, optimise and want to build modern technically innovative data centers such as a green data center, container data centers and/or a "Zero Defect Data Center" (highly available data center).


Due to our competent expert know-how, we realize extensive testing, evaluation (eg. in cases of damage) and consultations on electrical systems.


The participation in the German Chapter of the IEEE and the research collaboration with the Technical University of Hanover gives us a permanent feedback of experience and extensive know-how in particular in the interpretation as well as in the implementation of standards but also in the handling of damage and insurance claims.


Our experience is incorporated into the design of highly available and cost-optimized data centers.


The service portfolio is geared to customers who want to achieve a secure and highly available IT infrastructure. Basic structures of server rooms and data centers provide optimally coordinated air and electrical concepts and other infrastructural components. To achieve a secure IT infrastructure also means to avoid failure of IT systems because of damage caused by fire, water or smoking gases.


Our company currently comprises the following departments:


•Planning of Data Centers especially TÜViT Level 1/2/3/4 „Trusted Site Infrastructure“

•Execution of workshops to show the TSI-criteria

•Inspection to estimate the certification capability

•Review of planning documents concerning the fulfillment of the TSI-criteria

•Auditing of Data Centers according to the TSI-criteria

•Datacenter Technologies Systems for Data Centers (Development and manufacturing of systems to minimize the energy consumption)

•Power & Energy Monitoring/ Building Management Systems/ ultra fast building control technology

•Energy/ energy efficiency- consulting

•Expert activity for electric plants (EMV etc.)


•Photovoltaics planning


Our service offers a significant gain in time for the realisation of a data center, since the required inspections or handing overs avoid time-consuming improvements or other delays.




The advantages of a planning process realised by Correct Power Institute can be summarized as follows:

  • Significant time savings in the implementation of a data center

  • Vertical value chain, which means that all services come from a single source

  • Coordinated management and control system

  • Retrofit existing systems (conversion to TN-S system in accordance with EN/VDE standard)

  • Investigation of breakdowns, directly from us

  • EMC-optimised design of all electrical systems

  • Global network of resellers with a contact person in your area