Energy Optimisation

Correct Power Institute has set itself the goal, to realize energy optimisation and energy management according to EN ISO 50001 in our customers companies.


With us you will enjoy an all-inklusive service: From the first consultation through implementation phase to realisation.


Even after completion of the project, we are still there for you: We are your competent partner when conditions in your business change or strategic decisions in the energy sector must be made.


Talk to us. We provide a wide range of products and services, which you can book completely or individually only some components. Fine-tuned to your specific needs: Economical, future-oriented and for a safe investment.


The path to an efficient energy management is realized by us via the creation of an energy concept with use of a customized energy information system. Especially considered are the following steps, depending on the company:

  • Determine the current state of the energy supply structure 

  • Create measurement concept  

  • Installation of measurement, computing and communication devices


To evaluate your energy consumption data, we execute the data exchange online through our highly secure data center Internet services (DSL/VPN and/or UMTS/VPN).



In detail, our energy optimisation provides the following benefits:

  • Increase availability and reliability 

  • Implementation of a highly available energy 

  • Transparency of energy flows and characteristics of decrease of the energy cost optimisation 

  • Reduction of consumption 

  • Reduction of peak load 

  • Improvement of processes and cost savings 

  • Reduction of procurement costs  

  • Reduction of energy-related costs, improve quality  

  • Optimised operations 

  • Planning and plant safety 

  • Better working conditions  

  • Image increase in public

  • Active environmental protection and

  • Long-term resource conservation