EMV Test and Power Assessment



For about 15 years, can be amplified disturbances and damage to the installed electrical and electronic equipment to determine which have not been resolved , despite all efforts in relation to immunity and improve the quality of products.


The user or the service personnel attempt by the exchange / use of new equipment or software updates that are not understandable to some extent , to get sudden malfunction of the systems under control. It is often found that the substituted product in the shop or in the system laboratory work obviously ,but in certain environments,


  •   Fail
  •   Data is transferred as quickly
  •   Hard disk have undefined error
  •   Color screens flicker or
  •   Temporary errors.


At such places the installation the following error also frequently detected:


  •   Defective computer power supplies
  •   Overheating and spent return conductor ( neutral conductor )
  •   Frequent failures of computer interfaces after power interruptions
  •   The occurrence of standing waves on PE conductors in data centers
  •   Corrosion of piping systems and
  •   Corrosion of earth electrodes and lightning protection systems.


Some operators will begin in ghosts ( Spooky Networks) to believe or has certain users to operate in suspected sabotage, since obviously only those components are disturbed, which are used by certain people in certain rooms .


Where is the real problem for the seemingly inexplicable phenomena?


By using high quality metrology and the systematic study and analysis of loss events, we can see the phenomena that lead to the above mentioned disorders and negative influences that inform under a Power assessments and ensure appropriate remedy.