The IEP ® Solar Technology System (STS ) is a logical development of the IEP ® patented base technology for energy-efficient data center.

On the basis of PV generators powers up to the MW range are provided as power generation.

The system is designed in addition to the conventional PV electricity by feeding into the public grid as a supplement to power systems ( emergency power / diesel systems ) with isolated operation were extensive power failure. Thus, especially in Critical Facilities ( data centers , hospitals, banks and administrations ) to create redundancy with a very high reliability , which are based on the basis of renewable energies.

Using GPS solar -driven movers (PV generators) are achieved optimal performance of PV generators.


The inverter technology is 3-phase and by Hochgeschwindigkeitsfeldbus system ( 100Mbit / s ) can be controlled , the individual decentralized inverter and movers systems.


The entire control and regulation of the electrical system is based on the patented redundant IEP ® controller system in field operation of critical facilities since 2008.


Example of a realization in the sun belt of the earth :


  • 22 Solar Mover systems with a total capacity of 288kWp ( 750.000kWh / a )
  • Expandable to 44 solar mover systems with a total power of 576kWp ( 1.500.000kWh / a )
  • Own medium voltage system ( 10 kV ) supplies one additional Critical Facility with integrated power system ( diesel system ) with a transformer capacity of 1000kVA ,
  • Stand-alone operation in case of power failure, and that the availability ( MTTF) of the overall system is significantly increased
  • Optional battery backup systems


Our Services: 

Design of the overall electrical system for efficient energy production and increase the reliability of the overall system


  •   Basic evaluation
  •   Planning with cost and income determination
  •   Design planning with short-circuit current calculation of the park
  •   Execution and planning permission


Implementation and delivery of the overall system


  •   Plant and assembly planning
  •   Installation
  •   Commissioning
  •   Automatic parking monitoring via remote monitoring ( in the IEP ® Cloud ) 


Performance monitoring and condition monitoring of the park (IEP ® software modules : Machine Learning , Watch Lower Thresholds , Statistics , etc.)