Solar saves Diesel

The Fuel Save Controller is an essential part of the Solarbor® solution for photovoltaic-diesel-hybrid systems.

As an interface between diesel generator, photovoltaic installation and load, it takes the adequate control of the solar supply - depending on the load and production profiles. The system works optimally with a number of parallel-connected diesel systems.


This ensures maximum safety at reduced fuel costs and minimizes the carbon emission. The Fuel Save Controller and the inverter collectively inherit extensive network management functions.

Hybrid systems are modularly extensible at any time and provide an ideal equipment check by using remote monitoring via our Automation Cloud.

The solution can be combined with any diesel controller.


The advantages are listed below:



  • easy connection to the generator system
  • data exchange via Modbus TCP
  • ideal control of the PV supply
  • reverse power protection
  • modular construction enables almost every system configuration
  • can be integrated in our Solarbor® energy storage system


Our offered services are:


  • fast and straight forward project execution
  • standard integration in our IEP® Cloud Monitoring for high availability and preventive maintenance
  • Planning, installation and implementing by our specialists
  • independent of volatile fuel supply and rising diesel costs
  • ideal integration in existing PV infrastructure
  • reliably fulfill CO2 and other environmental regulations
  • worldwide monitoring by our IEP® Cloud Monitoring System and Business Intelligence System