RCM / Fault Current Monitoring

RCM (Fault Current Monitoring) including Power and Energy Monitoring as an Automation Cloud Solution Electricity supply without failures


The fault current monitoring (RCM) is an increasingly important issue for applications with the claim to high-available and resilient electrical power systems.

Possible applications can be found in almost every market segments. Especially continuous processes and particularly sensitive applications like Data Centers, hospitals or semiconductor factories base on the RCM-Monitoring. Everywhere where insulation resistance measurements and residual current devices from local or operational situations cannot be realized, the RCM-Measurement provides a good alternative.


Stationary electrical plants and resources have to be regularly examined to the accident prevention regulation to ensure the necessary electrical safety and high availability. However, the insulation measurement is not anymore or only with the utmost technological and economical effort possible to be conducted.


Areas of deployment:

  • Data Center/ office buildings
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Transportation systems
  • Institutions of media technology
  • Industrial plants/ extraction technology
  • Railroad and vehicular tunnel
  • Energy-intensive industry with potential for optimization


By means of our RCM DCIM/BMS Cloud Application, a statement concerning the legal bases of electrical engineering we created a monitoring for the incessant fault current monitoring that meets all requirements of the European standards. The appropriate reports concerning the safety of the measured electrical plant are automatically provided for you once a week and once a month for your documentation. Possible insulation fault alarms are immediately sent to you via E-Mail and SMS.

The following advantages are provided by our RCM Monitoring:

  • avoid failures in electrical systems
  • prevent production downtimes
  • monitor high-available energy distribution
  • early warning of hardware errors
  • localization of specific defective outflows, minor effort for error tracking
  • Overloads of the N-Conductor and critical fault currents can be identified early and thus a higher fire safety can be achieved
  • fulfillment of the safety criterion "RCM-Fault Current Monitoring" in Data Centers
  • limit exceedance of non-symmetrical currents


The basis for the RCM measurement is a TN-S grid/network. According to EN 50600-2-2:2014 and DIN VDE 0100-444:2010-10/IEC 60364-4-44:2007 (chapter 444) TN-S systems are mandatory for the application of IT-Systems and for systems of the measurement and control technology.


At older systems (TN-C, TN-CS) a retrofit of the plant or building into a TN-System is necessary (fire hazard, protection of intrinsic values, protection of people etc.). This requirement assumes a key function for safety and economic success of a company in many sectors and scopes.

Our Cloud System is primarily suited to record the energy data of a large number of consumers and to commit these data to our Cloud data banks with little effort. The data can be transferred to an ERP system (SAP) automatically.

Independent of future statutory provisions and existing capabilities concerning a reduced energy

procurement - Energy optimization always provides a high economical savings potential.

The ISO 50001 describes energy acquisition as a requirement for energy management systems. This applies: The bigger the information concentration, the better the savings potentials can be detected.


By using our energy data detection and residual current monitoring system you are able to avoid faults in the electricity supply due to early warning. Furthermore, the plant and fire protection are increased.



Your benefit: our intelligent RCM/DCIM Cloud system solution:


  • Early warning in case of faults
  • Avoidance of expensive and dangerous system failures , the availability of systems is increased
  • Localization of specific defective outflows, minor effort for error tracking
  • Overloads of the N-Conductor and critical fault currents can be early identified and thus a higher fire safety can be achieved
  • By parameter setting of the plant in mint condition and the continuous monitoring every changes in plant condition since the moment of implementing are recognizable.
  • fulfillment of the safety criterion "RCM-Fault Current Monitoring" in datacenters
  • comfortable monitoring and parameter setting solution
  • operating current acquisition of all relevant consumers as a basis for an energy management system (EnMS)


Already starting from 0.60 EUR/hour[1] (net) you are able to access on our Cloud RCM and energy monitoring solution without investing a cent into the more expensive software (application software, database software etc.) and computer hardware.

Our Cloud Automation solution is 100% compliant to the BSI 100: 2013 standard, validated by E&Y in a penetration test and build in a TUEV Level 2+ certified Data Center in NRW/Germany (Backup datacenter is also available).

[1] without connection costs