Modular Data Center


Are you still planning or are you already building? 

We have found the answers to your needs.

Completely monitored, controlled and maintained on request.

IT is dynamic, IT is constantly growing, and from now on your IT can grow with you while your business is running.


The production process is carried out up to 90% in the factory, irrespective of weather conditions, under constant quality control, on time and economically.


We complement maximum availability and energy efficiency with enormous savings potential in terms of construction time, operating costs and investment. Thus, a PUE value of 1.1 is also within reach of support through indirect free adiabatic cooling.  



Our solution is turn-key, IT-ready and if desired with TÜV-IT TSI certification.


Our data centers all achieve at least TÜV IT Level 2, how do we know? We have already had them pre-certified for you as part of a type examination. 

Test us! We will convince you!


  • Turnkey delivery within 4 months from order date
  • Modular expansion of building and supply infrastructure possible during operation
  • Total PUE from 1.1 to 1.2 due to adiabatic cooling and highly efficient UPS systems
  • Certification according to TÜV IT TSI 4.1 Level 2 or Level 3
  • Power density up to 20 kW per rack
  • Integrated web-based building management system with option for full service option: monitoring, evaluation, service and maintenance of all components such as UPS, air conditioning, fire alarm system, extinguishing system etc.