IEP® Neuro

Up to 60% Energy Savings in the Data Hall by using IEP® Software Neuro Process Control


You have a Data Hall that you cannot separate e.g. by dividing into cold aisle or hot aisle areas?

Our intelligent and learning IEP® Neuro Process Control Software (cognitive system) supports you in economizing up to 60% energy of the AHU [1] Systems (energy consumption).

In the Data Hall wired temperature or wireless temperature sensors are installed at optional places. At distinctive points (Hot Spots), adjustable volume flow floor tiles are installed in Fail Safe Technology. The AHUs are centrally controlled by our Fail Safe AHU Controller.


Our IEP® Neuro Process Control Software System learns in compliance with the Ashrae 2011 Class 1 limit temperature to minimize the volume flow of the fans of the AHUs. The learning curve of the software regulation takes about 1 hour depending on the complexity of the site. Afterwards, energy savings of the AHUs up to 60% are possible.


A cold aisle – hot aisleorder of the IT-Components is not necessary though desirable to minimize the energy consumption in the data hall.

The wireless temperature sensors can be bind to random Hot Spots according to the Ashrae requirements. There may not exist a fixed allocation of the temperature sensors to the adjustable floor tiles. The system is entirely variable constructed and self-learning by the controlling software. It can be modified at any time (modifications of the IT landscape etc.).


Feature List:


  • learning software system for energy consumption minimization of AHU systems
  • fail safe technique for AHU systems
  • master redundancy controller for a failsafe running of the IEP® control
  • 3D visualization of temperature and humidity and other parameters
  • avoidance of Hot Spots in the data hall
  • fast installation of the control systems
  • Retrofit of the AHU systems on Fail Safe Technology (EC Fan or SEW Eurodrive inverter technology in Fail Safe Modus)
  • Integration of sinus filtertechnology for older motor models of the AHU Units
  • no downtime of the cooling in the data hall
  • savings are given immediately after implementing and ending of the "learning curve" of the software


To reduce costs (faster ROI) we provide you the IEP® Neuro Process Controller Software in our IEP® Automation Cloud.

Our Cloud Automation solution is 100% compliant to the BSI[2] 100: 2013 standard and build in a TUEV level 2+ certified Data Center in NRW/Germany (Backup/Dual Site Data Center is also available).

For this purpose we employ i.a. BSI certified components of encryption and monitored WAN routes (MPLS or similar). By using the Fail Safe Technology of the AHU controllers any risk for the local IT applications and equipment is excluded.

The IEP® Neuro Process Controller Software was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Neural Computation at the Ruhr University Bochum/ Germany and is based on our European/ German IEP® patents for the Cold Aisle Containment process control.



[1] AHU = Air Handling Unit

[2] BSI = Federal Office (of Germany) for Security in Information Technology