IEP® DCIM Cloud Monitoring

In the datacenter two worlds collide: system and network manager are responsible for the administration/maintenance of active IT components like server, storage systems and networking devices. The facility manager cares about the electricity supply, the structural circumstances of the datacenter and the air conditioning. Both areas used different tools to maintain "their" worlds. The consequence: A holistic sight on the infrastructure components of a datacenter was missing. The silo-perception still predominates in many datacenters.


A way out of this unsatisfying situation is offered by our IEP® Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM). It bridges between the IT-Infrastructure, thus server, storage systems, racks and network systems like Switches and I/O components and the facility parameters. This includes the electricity supply, air conditioning, cooling and passive elements like the wiring. Another factor is the usage of areas in a datacenter including where such IT-Infrastructure components are placed and how these could be best bind on the electricity supply and on cooling systems.


You do not want to make big investments in a DCIM/BMS? By using our IEP® Cloud DCIM BMS Monitoring we offer you an economic solution now.


Already starting from less than €2 hour[1] you are able to access to an entire DCIM BMS system without investing a cent into the more expensive software (real-time application software, database software, alarming, Data Warehousing with Business Intelligence etc.) and computer hardware.

You only invest in local measurement instrumentations (measuring devices, sensors, wiring etc.),the "tailored" DCIM/BMS applications are provided for you in our cloud environment. The "rest" is invoicedthrough hourly cloud fee (computation time).


Which DCIM-functionalities are required by the operator of a datacenter depends on the individual demands.

Our management-tool is constructed modularlyand therefore it offers the user the option to integrate functions as required.

However, there are some basic functions that every datacenter infrastructure management must provide. In the following checklist you can see the most important functions that we offer to you:


  • Browser-based application: The application has access by using every established Web-Browser on a secret connection. This facilitates the handling and increases the flexibility in daily practice. Your datacenter is illustrated on your iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android System in real time.
  • Real-time Analysis: Data is captured, processed and transformed into appropriate status messages in real time (energy, power, temperature, humidity etc.)
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and Data Warehousing: enormous analysis and trend charts are created individually for your applications. Trend analysesand a capacity planning respectively optimization can be easily conducted with our SharePoint tools.
  • The spatial structures are illustrated as 3D background images within the DCIM BMS system and filled with real time data (temperature, alerts, power, humidity, transients, sags/swells etc.)
  • We support all types of protocols of the building automation (Modbus, Profibus, BACnet, LON, Ethercat etc.)


The IEP® Cloud DCIM/BMS system is implemented in a TUEV Level 2+ Trusted Datacenter in NRW/Germany and offers the highest protection that the data do not fall in the "wrong" hands and the integrity of the data is always provided for the corporate business processes.

This is ensured by the usage of thread prevention, penetration resistance of all applications and encryption up to BSI VS-NfD and NATO certification. A team of internet security specialistsspecified the interfaces and the applications for the Cloud Automation applications and implemented them appropriately secure and 100% fail safe.


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[1] without connection cost and without VAT