The visualisation of the processes using the IEP® BMS System software is 2D/3D and process-oriented. An expert system for the disposal and handling of potential breakdowns is included in the IEP® Master Monitoring software module BMS (Building Management System: Building Control Technology).


The CPI IEP® BMS Software presents complex connections in a comprehensible and clear way by using an innovative interface design. The user interface is native HTML/HTML5 (no Silverlight, no Flash or similar).


The quality of our User Interface of the CPI BMS is based on a pretty simple control concept and optimised according to the workflow of the user (effectivity). Adding appealing visual design (emotion) and natural interaction (efficiency), even our complex application become an exceptional user experience.



Because of the ease of use, the user can execute the processes very quickly and easily. Through the innovative control via smart phone or tablet-PC the company enjoys completely new possibilities. The operator doesn´t need to be on site to manage the individual processes.