IEP® CRAC Controller

With the developed by us CRAC Controller ( CRAC = Computer Room Air Conditioner , or air cooling unit ) for Chilled Water ( CW) systems have the user via a vendor- independent control for each data center.


The IEP CRAC ® controller is in the detail of the following components :

Display (5.7 -inch display with touch capabilities , display up to 19 inches possible)

EtherCAT Bus Coupler (0V -10V interface card ( 2 ports) , PT100 Interface Card ( 2 ports) , RS485/Modbus RTU card ( up to 115.2 Kbps) EtherCAT bridge card to interface to IEP Master System)


The controller has two simple control settings : In Local Mode the regulation of air cooling units is autonomously performed by the control panel , but can the Local Mode Setting variable. Overall There are five different modes are available .

The second possibility is the IEP ® control mode: while the target data for the fans speed and the valve from the IEP ® master system are provided.


The CRAC Controller provides the following features:

Monitoring via EtherCAT interface ( heartbeat function) : There is no heartbeat before , the display switches to fail-safe mode. Values for convection cooling via a touch screen adjustable

Separate 24V DC power supply with wide range input ( 110V to 240V AC)

Serial interface RS485 for Modbus RT provides data for the building management system (Building Management System) available

EtherCAT bridge terminal for connection to the parent IEP EtherCAT ® system

Differential pressure 50Pa 0PA ...

Output relay terminal for controlling the 3- way valve in the air cooling unit

The CRAC controller is password-protected and therefore offers even more safety

To configure a USB flash drive is used


The controller system replaces the CRAC CRAC herstellspezifischen onboard controller with advanced functionality in terms of energy efficiency and ergonomics in the operation of the system:

With the 5.7 "display a simple user - driven menu structure ( patented tile surface) is implemented , which not only provides the local data of the CRAC system , but also all the spatial information of the entire data - Hall via the EL6692 indicating in the the ULK is installed.


A CRAC display controller of CPI monitored by its interference-free technology up to 30 CRAC units and 30 cold aisles . No fault means that the system automatically change with a problem in the default mode .


Alternatively to the above-mentioned Examples The following interfaces can still be provided :

Modbus TCP


Profibus (Slave)

other interfaces on request

Optional you have to moisten the data center a humidifier unit with a 0V -10V interface. A humidity sensor, the actual values are transmitted and processed in% ( relative humidity ) to control the CRAC controller.


The IEP CRAC ® controller has two control processes: control of cold aisles with an energy savings of up to 90 % or without existing cold aisles regulation of the pressure floor with an energy savings of up to 60%.


The CRAC controller can be easily integrated into existing data centers. An overview is provided in the following schedule for energy savings of up to 90 % :


1 Order your new CRAC controller with EtherCAT Bus Coupler Fast Connect from any manufacturer ( Stulz, Emerson, HiRef , etc.)

2 Upgrade your system with the controller according to CRAC , either by your Service Provider or through our entire globe dealer network

3 Install the IEP ® Controller in your data center and operate all CRAC units with the IEP ® controller and the innovative software


= > Result: The first step to high energy savings is achieved !


4 Add your cooling units in the CRAC controller once your IT is available

5 Finally, install the EtherCAT Fast hot connect sensor ( PT100/Ashrea (SLA ) ) for your refrigeration units .


= > Result: The second and final stage for energy savings of up to 90 % in your data center is reached !


Programming the controller is not necessary : the unit simply needs to be connected to the system , the configuration is done via the Internet.