IEP® Cold Aisle

Up to 90% Energy Savings in the Data Hall by using intelligent AHU controllers and Cold Aisle Containment


Employing our patented IEP® controlling for AHU-systems you are able to save up to 90% of energy costs in the Data Hall by housing (Colds Aisle Containment):

  • Fail Safe Technologyfor AHU systems
  • Master Redundancy Controller for Fail-Safe running of the IEP® controlling (optional)
  • 3D visualization of temperature and humidity of the entire system area
  • Avoidance of Hot Spots in the data hall
  • Fast installation of the control systems
  • Retrofit of the AHU Systems to Fail Safe Technology (EC fan or SEW Eurodrive Inverter Technology in Fail Safe Mode)
  • Integration of sinus filter technology for older motor models of the AHU Units
  • No downtime of the cooling in the data hall
  • Savings occur immediately after commissioning


The IEP® Cold Aisle Containment Regulation can also be provided as Cloud Automation solution. Already starting from less than € 2.00/hour [1]you are able to access on an entire IEP® Cold Aisle control system without investing a cent into the more expensive software (application software, databank software etc.) and computer hardware. Locally, only the Fail Safe IEP® CRAC Controllers are installed.

Encrypted communication links (MPLS or the like) are used for the Cloud solution (encryption e.g.  BSI VS-NfD and NATO is possible).

Our Cloud Automation Solution is 100% compliant to the BSI 100:2013 standard and established in a TUEV level 2+ certified Data Center in NRW/Germany (Backup Data Center is also available).



References (extract):


  • Datacenter England in Croydon and Watford (120 AHU Systems); energy savings > 1 Million Euro/Year
  • Datacenter Duesseldorf
  • Datacenter Frankfurt
  • Datacenter Muenchen (Retrofit of 155 - AHU Systems, 32 Data Halls)
  • Datacenter Ludwigshafen (Retrofit of AHU with SEW Inverter)
  • Datacenter Abu Dhabi, PUE improvement from PUE 2,5 to PU 1,8
  • The IEP® Cold Aisle Containment solution has a ROI of 3 months to 18 months.



[1] without connection costs and VAT