IEP® Automation Cloud

IEP® Automation Cloud: pioneer for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things


Industry 4.0 concepts assume a high interconnection and the communication of devices and services. From sensor to IT-level (ERP system) there are countless data that have to be exchanged. For this purpose PC- and Server-based controls with the corresponding encryption and thread prevention technologies are predestinated.


By the usage of self-learning neuro information software systems like e.g. IEP® Neuro Controlling of air handling units (AHU) the regulation algorithms meanwhile require servers with CUDA GPU processors that can only be economical provided within a cloud application. The SOA-SPS (Service Orientated Architecture) thereto furnishes the appropriate information technological model.



Generally, from the operator’s point of view all communications scenarios can be differentiated in three contexts of the communications architecture:


  • in services with cyclical high (hard) real time (≤ 20 ms): Automation context with fail safe function (local installation at the customer)
  • in services with cyclical real time: Processing context (Cloud Installation) with access to real time data (iPhone, PC, MAC, Google Glass™, iPAD etc.)
  • in services with soft real time: IT-Context (Cloud Installation with interface to the custom IT)


Resulting from these three contexts there are emerging three potential communication transitions of automation systems:


B2B communication:

Two business processes communicate with each other: Example: an ERP application e.g. SAP exchanges information/Data Warehousing (energy consumption, power, efficiency data, KPIs, cost of energy on cost center etc.) by using the IEP® Business Intelligence System. The exchange can take from minutes range to weeks range or years range.



B2M communication:

A process with cyclical real time communicates with another program in real time. Example: a power and energy monitoring server exchanges energy consumption information with a SPS or a measurement device and stores them in a SQL database. The SQL database is later evaluated by a Business Intelligence Application (Big Data analysis). With the aid of a time server the data integrity is ensured. The data are visually illustrated in 3D. The access to the real time data is via a penetration-resistant and secure (encrypted) connection via PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPAD or MAC.


M2M communication:

Two processes of the category Automation (Cloud and local) communicate with each other in hard or soft real time. Example: local fail safe regulations of the AHU (Air Handling Units) with parent neuronal learning control software to energy consumption minimization in the Data Center or at different data center locations.

The communication will not base anymore on pure data and on interoperability data communication (protocols like Modbus, BACnet, Profibus etc.), but on the secured and protected exchange of information models and thus the semantic interoperability.

Highest significance has the data transmission security due to encryption, thread prevention and penetration resistance of all applications. The fulfillment of the BSI[1] 100:2013 requirements is a necessity for the implementation of such services.


A corresponding constructed and certified Cloud Automation System that is implemented in a TUEV Level 2+ trusted Datacenter in NRW/Germany, on this offers the highest protection that the data do not fall in the "wrong" hands and the integrity of the data is always provided for the corporate business processes.

This is ensured by the usage of thread prevention, penetration resistance of all applications and encryption up to BSI VS-NfD and NATO certification. A team of internet security specialistsspecified the interfaces and the applications for the Cloud Automation applications and implemented them appropriately secure and 100% fail safe.


A universal model of the Automation Cloud from data collection, regulations, 3D-visualization up to business intelligence (Big Data) evaluation and provision of Data for an ERP system is available in a secured and highly available Automation Cloud environment that is invariably following the BSI 100:2013 standard.

For highest fail safety of the IEP® Automation Cloud application another level 2+ trusted Data Center (backup Data Center) is available in real time that is connected over a real time layer 2 connection withencryption according to BSI VS-NfD and NATO standard.