Green Data Center

Green Energy for Datacenter/Industry implementation with Solarbor® (PUE/GEC=1)


By using our Solarbor®solution we provide you a scalable solar (green) generator solution that can be easily integrated in an existing datacenter or industry infrastructure.

At the same time our Solarbor® System ensures the construction of Micro-grids. A Micro-grid is a closed electricity generation system in which generation and consumption occur locally. Our micro-grids can both work autonomously and be connected with the conventional electricity grid. Energy sources can be e.g. the sun, wind or diesel generators.


A Solarbor® System is available in different configuration levels:


  • Solarbor® Basic: 10kW/15kW (with or without a digital City Poster for local advertisement)
  • Solarbor® Enterprise: from 30 kW to 1 MW
  • Solarbor® Industry: from 1 MW to 1 GW


Your advantages


  • No risks of realization from planning until operation
  • Fast and straightforward project implementation
  • Optimized project costs
  • Flexible and high resilient system solutions
  • maximum performance and availability
  • future-proof by professional planning and implementation
  • perfect service packages


The Solarbor® system is obtainable with decentralized 3-phase (string) inverters (from 10kW/15kW) as well as with centralized inverters at modular configuration level from 500 kVA to 880kVA per unit.


The electricity generation on the basis of renewable energy is a key element for the sustainable protection of economic power and prosperity. Besides the hydro power, wind and solar energy are the crucial issues. However, the usage of renewable energies in a bigger volume leads to new challenges in the field of grid stability: Producers on the basis of wind and solar energy are ordinarily not able to provide short circuit power which is an important factor for grid stability.


The supply of decentralize generated energy can lead to an inversion of the energy flow.  Within inadequate distribution grids this can result in damages at resources as well as in electricity failure. In addition, the natural substantial variations in some cases of the generated power of renewable sources lead to frequent disparities between generation and load. This impairs the stability of the grid.Operators of distribution networks are increasingly faced with the question how to provide sufficient control energy to ensure a constant high quality of electricity supply.

For industrial enterprises as well as building and infrastructure enterprises energy-efficient economy/economic activity is of extreme importance to keep energy costs down on a low level. Already the onetime overriding of the maximum power agreed with the electricity supplier can implicate high costs.