Google Glass Business Solution

CPI Technology Preview : IEP ® BMS and Google Glass ( available approx Q3/2015 )

The IEP ® BMS system is extended to include the functionality of Google Glass ™ . The Google Glass ™ applications run completely autonomously in an intranet environment with no connection to the Internet and thus to the Google servers ( security of your data is therefore 100 % guaranteed , no eavesdropping by the NSA possible) . The basic communication carrier technology is Ethercat .


The technical principle : the glasses has a projection screen on which the images are displayed in the form of slides (Cards ) . With an integrated camera can be viewed in the direction of capturing images, which are also available for image processing. You can also control the screen activities and dialogues on a lateral touchpad on the temples . Also included is a speaker to convey sound information or communicate with other users. The numbers that appear on the screen elements are therefore called slides, because they can be similar to a scroll image viewing software from left to right . With another touch of the touchpad to get additional information about the selected slide . If required, the operator can also contact another colleague on the spot.




Prerequisite for the application is the Google Glass IEP ® BMS systems in conjunction with the IEP ® controllers and EtherCAT .

Example # 1: an employee with Google ™ Glass is located in the data center ( white space ) in a cold aisle and will determine the climate conditions in the cold aisle. In the cold aisle a QR code on the cold aisle door is present , which is automatically scanned by Google Glasses . If the QR code is scanned, the employee sees the Google Glass ™ glasses the values from the cold aisle in his head-up display :


  • Temperature ( ASHRAE sensor )
  • Humidity
  • dew point
  • Speed of the fans of the air circulation equipment
  • Status (compliance with ASHRAE limits)


Example # 2: In the area of UPS employees want to determine the current power of the UPS and the room temperature . On the UPS system, a QR Code is applied , which is automatically scanned by Google Glass. Then the employees in the Head- Up Display provides the following values:


  • Active power output UPS system
  • Capacity of the UPS system in%
  • Temperature in the UPS room
  • Temperature of the batteries
  • Battery backup time
  • Status of the UPS system ( inverter mode or bypass mode)


This is just a small sample of the possibilities offered by the IEP ® BMS system in conjunction with Google Glass. Practically all of the variables of the IEP ® BMS can be displayed (analog and digital) using accordance Google Glass.