Electronic distribution channels like internet and telephone face businesses within the fast moving chain store with new challenges: Instead of documents, file server racks fill the backrooms and the telephone system is now IP-based.

The backbone of all business processes is the modern information and communication infrastructure that flow together in a little Data Center in every branch or midsize company.

Correct Power Institute serves the spatial and also energetically small kept Data Center "Datacenter-in-a-Box" to this clientele.

The high reliability of the Data Center is ensured by the "Zero Defect Datacenter Design" (zD³) designed by the CPI. By using zD³ the Datacenter-in-a-Box is in a position to fail-safe and fault-tolerant cool the mission-critical High-Density-Server-Racks with high specific heat loads.

The aim is to achieve in the Data Center business and the branch business a MSI (Mission Service Interrupt) factor of "0".

This can only succeed as far as a monitoring of the installation is realized through respectively implemented measurement and control technology to early identify possible errors in the overall system by using fast metrology and on the basis engineering algorithmic (preventive maintenance).

Another aspect is that the standardized structure of the Datacenter-in-a-Box systems ensures a worldwide installation quality for the IT-Components.

Within a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) all components are checked and then transported to the corresponding location. The standardized DX cooling technology can be easily installed by every local refrigeration company or by our worldwide refrigeration system partners.

Due to the modular and non stationary installation of the system a later relocation to another location can be effected in line with demand and on schedule. 

The Datacenter-in-a-Box System is especially designed for a 24/7/365 operation. An exact temperature regulation is ensured.

The temperature range of the Datacenter-in-a-Box System can optionally be extended up to 53°C outdoor temperature or a low outdoor temperature.

By means of the system modules arbitrary configurations are possible that are just solely limited by the local power and cooling demand. Due to this individuality the standardized module technology of the Datacenter-in-a-Box is still retained.

In the event of an alarm, the main control is connected with an automatic door opening system.

A raised floor system for the deployment of the Datacenter-in-a-Boy System is not necessary however it can be feasible for the cable run in "small" rooms.

All components are modular and pluggable constructed and are monitored by corresponding failure monitoring. A secured remote access on the web server of the failure monitor via the Cloud Application (Iphone, Android, PC, MAC) is possible.

Solely energy-saving EC-blowers are used as fans. The refrigerant connections of the cooling unit are on the back bottom.

The electrical connections are equipped with quick connect.

If nevertheless a failure of a component occurs, a corresponding emergency logistics is implemented for this case by the usage of coherent standardized components worldwide.

The sending are collected respectively to their individual demand at the latest possible date from a 24/7/365 center of distribution and delivered at the earliest possible date the next morning (In night-Service).

At this it is resorted to an efficient connection between air freight and dispersion on the street. Within Europe even a "Same Day" solution can be implemented.