ATAXIA - the smart fault monitor



Worldwide monitoring of equipment and systems for preventive maintenance


During the last years, industrial systems like chiller, USV-plants, CRAC Units, generators, machine tools and manufacturing plants evolved enormously concerning their structure and technology. Due to the occurrence of more weaknesses in modern plants as it was the case in original machines it becomes more and more difficult to capture the state of single components or assemblies. Additionally, constructors do not tend any longer to oversizing but rather develop space-saving and lighter plants. Consequently, a variety of components react more sensitive on signs of wear and defects.

Today, maintenance and service concepts have the primary task, to ensure a technical availability of the plant as high as possible. More and more businesses change their outdated view that maintenance is just a necessary evil or merely a cost causer.

The constantly growing pressure in the competition about quality and productivity forces the businesses to implementations of maintenance and service systems to avoid unwanted system failures.

This problem is solved by the aid of fault monitor "ATAXIA" based on our worldwide IP Remote Service.

Applications in the M2M1-environment comprise a variety of components and therefore quickly reach a complexity that is difficult to overlook. You as a client justifiably expect a coherent solution, without having to deal with many different businesses.

By means of the "CPI Automation Cloud" an extremely important level between mobile networks and systems arised, that required a special solution with M2M Managed Services in an increasingly networked world.  

This connection level is not just about connectivity - the offer of Correct Power Institute consists of a fine-tuned spectrum of tough hardware like the ATAXIA fault monitor with its maintenance-free USV and added value services as the CPI Automation Cloud Applications, whereby the pure encrypted mobile networks represent just a few of many facets within our customer offerings.

Today, we concentrate on a number of key market segments by offering complete Managed Services Solutions including innovative hardware components for both mobile and satellite based networks.

The "ATAXIA fault monitor" monitors Modbus devices with a TCP or RTU (RS485, RS232C) interface. An integrated webserver serves to indicate the current state of selected registers and data.

"ATAXIA" is designed as a secure and encrypted connection via the CPI Automation Cloud with the result that the information can not be inspected by any third party.

Therefore, a free and secure visit on the web interface "ATAXIA fault monitor" is guaranteed.

A maintenance-free USV within the indoor respectively the outdoor unit of the "ATAXIA fault indicator" ensures a guaranteed achievement of E-Mail alerts and SMS at your service desk also during a local power outage. If there is no mobile connection directly at the machine, a suitable installation location can be found separately by the indoor unit.


1 M2M = Machine-to-Machine


  • Building Automation
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Automation
  • Energy Management
  • Electric mobility
  • Measurement


  • GPRS fault indicator with encrypted connection to the CPI Automation Cloud
  • GSM-Frequencies (2G): 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
  • Monitoring Modbus TCP/RTU
  • Alerting via SMS and E-Mail
  • Indoor Unit: Fault monitor with maintenance-free USV (about 15-20 minutes autonomy time) |
  • Temperature range: 0°C (not condensing) up to 50°C
  • Outdoor Unit: Fault monitor with maintenance-free USV (about 15-20 minutes autonomy time) and incorporated heating | Temperature range: -30°C up to 50°C
  • Optionally: Modbus RTU RS-485 Repeater up to 1200m length performance (2 wire)

CPI service performance:

  • Installation and configuration of the device connectivity of terminal devices like Chiller, USV-Applications, ULK Systems, Switchgear, generators, solar systems, machine tools, industrial equipment etc.
  • Deployment of the platform via CPI Automation Cloud (Access on webservers via PC or smartphone)
  • Deployment of the websites (state, analogous data) for the systems to be monitored
  • Sending of E-Mail alerts
  •  Sending of SMS
  • number of covered countries: up to 103 (depending on the collective choice)
  • number of covered networks: up to 135 (depending on the collective choice)
  • monthly invoice with a contract duration starting in 24 months 

Independent of the mains supply our solar systems your remote outdoor stations - even on short dark winter days. When the sun shines, the battery via solar panel and charge controller is charging. The charge controller takes over the battery charge management and protects the battery from deep discharge.

Connected consumers - as ATAXIA - are supplied by the solar system with the specific system voltage. The battery is used to store the solar energy.

Why IP Remote Service of your plants, systems and devices?

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance serves as a prevention of system failures and high maintenance charges of your plants, systems and devices

Futher targets of "preventive Maintenance" are:

  • Enhancement and optimized usage of the durability of plants and machinery
  • Improvement of the operational safety
  • Increased system availability
  • Optimization of operational procedures
  • Reduction of faults
  • Noise Reduction
  • anticipatory planning of costs

Worldwide accessibility:

Mobile access to more than 103 countries and 135 mobile networks respectively satellite link

Outstanding Service:

Central monitoring and administration at 24  hours a day, 365 days a year and optional service performance contracts for an Incident Management on service ticket base (according to ITIL/ISO 27001 Service Operation).

Tough connectivity:

99,79% available operation hours (during the last 7 years)