Air conditioning



Up to 90% energy savings in data centres with intelligent air-conditioners/circulating air coolers -control 

Using our patented IEP® control system for any CW (=Chilled water) ULK systems (any make) you can save up to 90% of energy costs in the Data Hall by encapsulating (Cold Aisle Containment): 


  • Fail safe technology for ULK-systems
  • Master redundancy controller for fail-safe operation of the IEP® controller (optional)
  • 3D visualization of temperature and humidity of the entire system area
  • Avoidance of hot spots in the Data Hall
  • Fast installation of control systems
  • Retrofit of the inventory ULK systems to Fail Safe technology (EC Fan or SEW Eurodrive Inverter technology in Fail Safe mode)
  • Integration of sinusoidal filter technology on older motor models of ULK units that are not suitable for inverter use
  • No cooling downtime in the Data Hall
  • Savings are achieved immediately after start-up


References (excerpt):


  • Datacenter England in Croydon and Watford (120 ULK systems); energy savings > 1 million Euro/year
  • Datacenter Düsseldorf (BAFA funded: Programme for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems)
  • Datacenter Frankfurt
  • Datacenter Munich (Retrofit of 156 inventory ULK systems, 32 data halls)
  • Datacenter Ludwigshafen (Retrofit of existing equipment built in 1990 with inverter)
  • Datacenter Abu Dhabi, PUE improvement from PUE 2.5 to PU 1.8



The IEP® Cold Aisle Containment solution has a payback period of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months.