Transparency, clarity and continuity create trust


A well planned project can save a lot of time and money. Our more than 30 years of experience in planning from large to small data centers enables us to respond to individual customer requirements and to guarantee a conscientious cost and schedule control as well as the flawless progress of the entire project. No matter whether it is a new data center or a server room in the existing building.


At the beginning, it is important to determine the requirements of the customer and his IT and to define the necessary goals which can vary greatly from customer to customer. To this end, the CPI team first conducts a comprehensive needs analysis. We do not only deal with your IT location, but also with your individual business processes, your strategy, your company development and your growth targets. This special approach enables us to consider future requirements of your IT.


The analysis results result in an individual profile from which all necessary measures, potential savings and the optimal design of all modules of your future data center architecture can be derived. Only then can the actual planning begin. 


We plan, implement, modernize and monitor your data center taking into account geological features, the influence of your company's development, protection goals and availability requirements, design and construction as well as defined project milestones. In addition to the project structure and capacity planning, this also includes realistic and absolutely reliable scheduling and cost planning. Strict control mechanisms, clear responsibilities and intensive internal communication at CPI ensure that the entire process is monitored in terms of time and quality, that project steps are smoothly coordinated and goals are met.


Together with our customers we want to achieve the best possible result for your company. That's why we offer you comprehensive data center consulting that is individually tailored to your needs. As experienced data center planners with many years of experience, we have already been able to support numerous customers and make a decisive contribution to the success of the company.


Our company currently comprises the following departments:


•Planning of Data Centers especially TÜViT Level 1/2/3/4 „Trusted Site Infrastructure“

•Inspection to estimate the certification capability

•Review of planning documents concerning the fulfillment of the TSI-criteria

•Auditing of Data Centers according to the TSI-criteria

•Datacenter Technologies Systems for Data Centers (Development and manufacturing of systems to minimize the energy consumption)

•Power & Energy Monitoring/ Building Management Systems/ ultra fast building control technology

•Energy/ energy efficiency- consulting

•Expert activity for electric plants (EMV etc.)