Who we are


Correct Power Institute was founded in 2004 as a private, independent scientific and technical institute for technical safety and rational use of energy. The head quarter of Correct Power Institute Inc. in Marsberg, Germany, is home to the central departments, such as Research & Development, Management, Sales, Marketing, Support and Service.


We are an international company that offers along the entire value chain a wide range of products and range of services in the "Scientific Automation" and Data center Technologies, specialized in the data center business. In these areas, we have product lines available that are designed as individual components or a complete package integrated individually to each customer and are used in micro-enterprises to large corporations.

Our company currently comprises the following departments:


•Planning of Data Centers especially TÜViT Level 2/3/4 „Trusted Site Infrastructure“

•Execution of workshops to show the TSI-criteria

•Inspection to estimate the certification capability

•Review of planning documents concerning the fulfillment of the TSI-criteria

•Auditing of Data Centers according to the TSI-criteria

•Datacenter Technologies Systems for Data Centers (Development and manufacturing of systems to minimize the energy consumption)

•Power & Energy Monitoring/ Building Management Systems/ ultra fast building control technology

•Energy/ energy efficiency- consulting

•Expert activity for electric plants (EMV etc.)


One of the key strategic objectives of our company is to develop and maintain key skills and technologies for platforms and platform-based system architecture and its integration in data centers. Scientific Automation is the integration of engineering and scientific knowledge in our solutions, which go beyond the scope of conventional control/DDC application. Thanks to our technologies, we achieved the "Zero Defect Data Center (Zd3)" (highly available).

Regardless of technological fashions we see our work as solid craft that builds practical and economical solutions for your everyday life from sophisticated technical and scientific concepts.


Correct Power Institute is represented internationally by our global sales partners.