Service Contract


Your personal service from CPI 


Our international service is as flexible and individual as your requirements. We offer you tailor-made service agreements that guarantee you all the advantages and services of CPI in the long term.




  • needs analysis
  • simulations
  • computations
  • costing
  • risk analysis
  • Preparation for certification




  • Installation/Integration
  • Commissioning (Test & Commissioning)
  • induction training
  • certification


After-sales service


  • real-time monitoring
  • Ticket/Incident System (ITIL, ISO 27001)
  • CPI Power & Energy Monitoring Platform (including BGV A3/DGUV regulation 3)
  • maintenance
  • repair
  • Training / IBM PowerCamp for Data Centres  


The CPI Service Contract is an integral part of the world of data centers and green IT. We bring the interfaces together where it makes sense. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience and can fully concentrate on their challenges.