planning and building


New construction or optimization of your server room or data center.


For us, success is a staircase and not a door.


Our goal is a secure, future-oriented and consumption-optimized IT infrastructure. In doing so, we took all important aspects into account, take care of the IT availability and use your budget optimally.

We plan with the customer and not without the customer.


All relevant standards and guidelines are of course observed and used in a future-proof manner. 


  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Security and availability concept
  • specification sheet
  • Basic assessment, room design and space optimization
  • Energy supply and optimization
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Security technology (access), signalling and alarm technology
  • Organisational processes and alarm management
  • certification support
  • Quality assurance
  • construction supervision
  • project management 




  • Significant time saving in the implementation of a data center
  • Vertical value chain, i. e. all services from a single source
  • Coordinated control and regulation system
  • Retrofit of existing plants (conversion to TN-S system according to EN/VDE standard)
  • Investigation of failures, directly from us
  • EMC optimised design of all electrical systems
  • Worldwide network of distribution partners, so that one contact person is also close to you