CPI as a member of the alliance for

Cyber Security 



As a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security, we worked closely with the federal government's central IT security service provider. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is generally responsible for IT security in Germany.

What do we want to achieve?

The goal of this alliance is the secure use of information and communication technology in our society. With the support of the participating companies, IT security is to be perceived as an important topic and implemented independently. We want to ensure that security aspects are already taken into account in the development and development of data centers and server rooms as well as IT systems and applications.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are companies worldwide and in the following areas:

Banks, Construction, Chemical industry, Electrical engineering, Energy supply, Automotive/suppliers, IT/Internet, Medical technology, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Telecommunications, Insurance, Science & research

What are our tasks?

We investigate and evaluate existing security risks and anticipate the impact of new developments. On the basis of this knowledge, we offer our customers services in the four core areas of information, consulting, development and certification:

Information: We provide information on all important IT security topics.

Consulting: We advise on IT security issues and support you in implementing appropriate measures.

Development: We design and develop IT security applications and products.

Certification: We test, evaluate and certify IT systems with regard to their security features. Approval of IT systems for the processing of confidential information is also one of our tasks.

How do we work?

In cooperation with specialists and generalists, we work in a team-oriented and collegial manner. At the same time, professional responsibilities are made transparent. We live a cooperative management style, supported by trust and mutual respect. Our work is characterized by quality, independence and service orientation.

We are constantly developing our expertise through continuous further training. With the help of modern communication techniques, we exchange the knowledge we have acquired with each other. This enables us to react quickly and purposefully to the constantly growing challenges of IT security.

What are our goals?

Thanks to the constant exchange of information, we immediately pick up on new developments and thus consistently expand the IT security of our customers.

We will continue to improve cooperation at all levels and make our own work even more efficient.

We want to make our services better known to the public and address our customers in an even more targeted manner.

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