Monitoring KIT



In cooperation with the company WAGO we have extended our monitoring platforms. Our inventory systems for monitoring from dedicated server application platforms (ION VISTA-Enterprise, Gridvis and PowerScout) have been extended to include the T-Systems/Azure platform.


The local data acquisition is carried out by means of WAGO PFC100/200 controllers (CPI Edge Gateway Controller) and corresponding IO modules for connecting the sensors.  An IEC61131 application is executed on the WAGO controller, which is responsible for recording the operating parameters. It also determines which data is transferred to the T-Systems/Azure Cloud. For security reasons, the Wago controllers are not directly connected to the Internet when used by Correct Power Institute, but instead the traffic is routed to a VPN/IPSEC (AES) connection to the CPI data center and then to the T-Systems/Azure cloud.


The data for the IoT hub is managed in the T-Systems/Azure cloud. The following architecture is used here:


  • Communication with the Wago controllers via MQTT
  • Collecting and archiving the transferred data
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence (PowerBI) using MS SQL 2016 Server
  • Visualization of measurement data (HTML5)

In the Asset Management Cloud at T-Systems/Azure, the following functions are carried out completely automatically: 


  • Controller status and data monitoring
  • Alarm management / e-mail notifications
  • Reporting



With the help of this architecture we offer as a full service (SaaS) the following monitoring systems: 


  • DGUV V3 (BGVA3) legally compliant reports for permanent repeat testing without shutting down (a certificate of conformity from the employers' liability insurance association is available)
  • Monitoring of the network form with automatic recognition that the network form is not being adhered to: TN-S and IT system (special verification for KRITIS companies in compliance with BSI basic protection)
  • Monitoring of power quality (THDU, transients, sag/swell events, differential currents and PE wire breakage)
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure and infrared temperature (monitoring of electrical distribution)
  • Energy accounting/cost allocation and savings (e. g. through the patent-protected IEP® regulation) 
  • By means of the machine learning algorithms, unusual data points are automatically found and the user is notified automatically.




Any number of measuring devices and sensors can be used for data acquisition: 


  • Janitza measuring instruments
  • Bender Measurement
  • Schneider/Powerlogic Meters
  • Siemens Measuring Instruments
  • Berg measuring instruments
  • and much more


 Create mobile reporting services reports for IOS and Android:


Mobile Reporting Services Reports are dedicated reports that are optimized for a variety of form factors and provide an optimal experience for users accessing reports on mobile devices. Mobile reports provide a range of visualizations - from time, category, and comparison charts to treemap charts and custom maps.


Our mobile reports offer the following features for your data center or factory, among others:


  • KPI: Percentage utilization of Data Hall and reserve capacities (kW for electrical and refrigeration technology)
  • Energy consumption costs
  • Temperature and humidity/pressure
  • Risk identification and risk assessment with real-time data
  • Maintenance strategies with preventive maintenance (we implemented our first Dark Datacenter in Frankfurt in 2009): see IPE Monitoring & Maintenance:: CPI Active Asset Management