Do you need support in selecting the right measurement technology?

Where must what be measured and analyzed?

How can you make statements about the future today with the help of measurement technology?

How can you make your measurement technology work for you?

How can you integrate all measuring systems together and evaluate them together in one report?

How can you meet the requirements of the legislator, the employers' liability insurance associations and the insurers?

What causes a short voltage dip?  

Does it only flicker in the lighting, or does the entire plant fail?


We help you with your high-availability system by supporting you in setting up and calibrating your measurement technology correctly as well as reading and interpreting measured values correctly.

We take the legally necessary steps with you, which the manufacturers of the measuring technology cannot and do not want to go with you!

With us you get the complete package, because we do not only sell you measuring technology or software, with us you also buy the entire experience of the last decades.

We work with almost every measuring technique and have partly helped with the development, so that we can competently advise you with the optimization and perfect configuration of the measuring instruments.

Be legally and economically on the right side and contact us today.