Iot sensor



 CPI Wireless Sensor

IoT Sensor for Data Centers and Industry 4.0 

Monitoring of all vital signs for data centers via radio control


Monitoring, analysing and then predicting the vital signs of a data center is now a must for all data center and facility managers, in order to optimally distribute the burdens of the environment, exploit energy-saving potentials and create safe environmental conditions for the active components and to be able to act in a future-proof manner.


Our sensors protect against water, create the perfect ambient conditions on and in the rack, ensure optimum load distribution and energy-efficient and safe cooling.

The advantage of all CPI sensors is that they are not wired to each other, but instead configure themselves automatically after activation, form a meshed wireless network and automatically start their measuring activities.

The measured data is sent to the Meshed Zigbee network via radio at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and is then encrypted with a Layer 3 AES256. Up to 300 sensors per gateway are possible. The distance between two sensors should not exceed 50 meters in a rack landscape.


The gateway controller is an industrially hardened Raspberry PI 3 with Zigbee USB stick plus antenna and a controller with Modbus server.

In this way, data center and facility experts always have a clear view of all environmental parameters, are able to optimally distribute loads, perfectly level temperature, humidity and pressure at the racks and minimize leakage risks.

With our Monitoring Everywhere Service, we check this data for you, evaluate it afterwards and can make predictions.

Save money by saving precious resources such as energy, time, materials and personnel.

Increased performance, more intelligent processes, more productive operating times - and all this with constant or even decreasing consumption of energy and resources.


The CPI IoT wireless sensor provides data centers with unprecedented insights and an immense boost in efficiency. Machine learning, M2M communication, sensor data and automation technologies interact in such a way that autonomous intelligent machines and networked data centers are created.


Improve decision quality and increase your company's margins with the direct integration of monitoring, evaluation and forecasts from Monitoring Everywhere Service by CPI into your business processes.