DCIM - Monitoring Everywhere


In the data center, two worlds collide: system and network managers are responsible for managing active IT components such as servers, storage systems and network components. The facility manager takes care of the power supply, the structural conditions of the data center and the air conditioning. So far, both areas have used different tools to manage "their" world. As a result, there was no holistic view of the infrastructure components of a data center. This silo view still prevails in many data centers.


Our "IEP® Monitoring Everywhere Service" offers a way out of this unsatisfactory situation. It bridges the gap between the IT infrastructure, i. e. servers, storage systems, racks and network systems such as switches and I/O components, and the system parameters. These include power supply, air conditioning and cooling. Another factor is the use of space in a data center, i. e. where which IT infrastructure components are located and how best to connect them to the power supply and cooling systems.

You don't want to make big investments in a DCIM/BMS. With our IEP® Monitoring Everywhere service, we now offer you a cost-effective solution.

You only invest in local measurement technology components (measuring devices, sensors, cabling etc.), the monitoring application is made available to you in our cloud environment "tailor-made". The "rest" will be charged via a monthly fee (calculation time).

Which monitoring functionalities the operator of a data center needs depends on the individual requirements: Power monitoring, power prediction, predictive maintenance to predict system failure, power and energy consumption etc.

Our monitoring tool has a modular structure and thus offers the option that the user can integrate functions as required. However, there are some basic features that each data center infrastructure management product should provide. The following checklist lists the most important ones that we provide to you:


Browser-based application: The application has access to all common web browsers via a secure connection, simplifying operation and increasing flexibility in daily practice. Your data center is displayed in real time on your iPhone, iPAD or Android system.

Real-time analysis: Data is recorded in real time, processed and converted into corresponding status messages (energy, power, temperature, humidity, etc.).

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and data warehouse: comprehensive analyses and trend charts are created individually for your application. Trend analyses and capacity planning and optimization can be easily carried out with our tools. We also integrate preventive maintenance of systems.


The spatial structures are displayed as 3D background images in the DCIM BMS system and filled with live data (temperature, alarms, power, humidity, etc.).

We support all possible building automation protocols (Modbus, Profibus, BACnet etc.)

A correspondingly constructed and certified IEP® monitoring system, which is implemented in a TUEV Level 2+ Trusted Data Center in NRW/Germany, offers the highest level of protection for this purpose, so that the data does not fall into "foreign" hands and the integrity of the data is always made available for the company's internal business processes.


This is ensured by thread prevention, penetration resistance of all applications and encryption. A team of Internet security specialists specified the interfaces and applications for the cloud automation applications and implemented them in a secure and 100% fail-safe manner.