Data Centre Cooling


Which climate concept is right for me? Can I modernise my air-conditioning system or do I have to buy it again? When does new air conditioning technology start to pay off? Can I provide proof of this with energy reports? Which concepts bring which advantages? Which manufacturer has which advantage and where are the differences in service?



 As an independent service provider, we can provide you with the current market leaders at special purchase prices.

We have all the well-known manufacturers in our control and monitoring system and thus know exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are.

The amount of data in the world doubles every two years. As a result, more and more data centers will be created that have to be air-conditioned. This calls for the efficient use of resources. CPI products and services help reduce the power consumption of data centers and other mission-critical applications.

Data centers must have the highest availability day and night.

Your air conditioning consumes an enormous amount of power. Modern precision air-conditioning systems with energy-efficient Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling ensure availability and save up to 40 percent energy.

 CPI offers solutions for server rooms and small data centers as well as large and modular data centers.


At CPI, we continue to develop our technical competencies, methods and capabilities on a daily basis, thus creating a permanent exchange with our partners in the world of air-conditioning technology. Only in this way can we establish successful and lasting cooperations in order to solve the problems of our customers and target groups.


A tailor-made solution for every problem: efficient and successful not least thanks to our certified suppliers for goods and additional services.


Many server rooms offer the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption. With the right climate control concept, a data center is geared to energy and cost efficiency right from the planning phase. With an energy-efficient cooling solution, several 10,000 euros in electricity costs can be saved each year.


Since the power consumption of data centers is becoming an ever greater cost factor for companies, you need more and more objective and individual advice. According to the leading analysts of the scene, power and cooling supply is now one of the top 3 topics in IT.


Precision air conditioners can provide optimum air conditioning


How can the operating costs for the complex cooling of the server rooms be kept as low as possible? The precision air conditioners manufactured in Germany are tailored to the requirements of IT rooms. Precision air-conditioning units dissipate large heat loads exactly where they arise - at the server racks. Unlike comfort air-conditioning units, which air-condition offices, for example, they not only ensure the correct temperature, but also regulate room humidity and thus avoid electrostatic charges.


Cost savings by using the outside temperature


The low power consumption results from a special feature of the devices: "free cooling". In particular, the use of infinitely variable EC motors in conjunction with optimised control algorithms allows energy-efficient control of the air and cooling water quantities according to the requirements of a data centre.


This type of air conditioning reduces energy costs by more than 40 percent compared to conventional systems. The principle: When outside temperatures are low, the system switches off the compressor in the air-conditioning unit and cools the room in a controlled manner using only the temperature gradient between the room air and the outside air. This saves a great deal of energy, especially in the cooler months of the year. In summer operation, when outside temperatures rise, the compressors of the units are switched on as required. In spite of the 40 percent higher purchase costs, most of our customers therefore consider investing in an air conditioning system with "Free Cooling" to be worthwhile.


The additional costs for the system therefore pay for themselves after the first few years. 



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