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Up to 60% energy savings in Data Hall with IEP® Neuro Process Control Software


Do you have a Data Hall that you can't divide into cold aisle or warm aisle areas, for example, using caging?


Our learning IEP® Neuro Process Control software control (cognitive system) helps you to save up to 60% of the energy of the ULK (Circulating Air Cooling Units) systems.


In the Data Hall, wired temperature or wireless temperature sensors are installed anywhere. Motor-controlled volumetric flow rate floor tiles in fail-safe technology are installed at prominent points (hot spots). The ULK systems are centrally controlled by our fail-safe ULK controller.


Our IEP® Neuro Process Control Software System is now learning to minimize the flow rate of fans of the ULK systems while adhering to Ashrae 2011 temperature limits. The learning phase of the software control takes approx. 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the system. Afterwards, energy savings of up to 60% are possible immediately and permanently.


A cold aisle - warm aisle order of the IT components is not necessary but desirable in order to further minimise energy consumption thermodynamically.  


The wireless temperature sensors can be attached to any hot spots according to Ashrae requirements. There is no fixed assignment of the temperature sensors to the adjustable floor tiles. The system is completely variable and self-learning. It can be changed or supplemented at any time (change of the IT landscape, racks etc.). 

Feature List:


  • Learning software system for energy minimization of ULK systems
  • Fail safe technology for ULK systems
  • Master redundancy controller for fail-safe operation of the IEP® controller
  • 3D visualization of temperature and humidity
  • Avoidance of hot spots
  • Fast installation of control systems
  • Retrofit of ULK systems to Fail Safe technology (EC Fan or SEW Eurodrive Inverter technology in Fail Safe mode)
  • Integration of sinusoidal filter technology in older motor models of ULK devices that are not suitable for inverters
  • No cooling downtime in the Data Hall
  • Savings are made immediately after commissioning and after completion of the software's "learning phase".



 For cost reduction (faster ROI) we offer the IEP® Neuro Process Controller Software in our IEP® Automation Cloud.


Our IEP® Cloud Automation solution is 100% compliant with the BSI 100:2013 standard (Federal Office for Information Security) and has been installed in a TÜV Level 2+ certified data center in NRW/Germany (backup data center also available).


For this we use BSI certified encryption components and monitored WAN lines (MPLS or similar). The fail-safe technology of the ULK controllers in the white space eliminates any risk for local IT applications.


The IEP® Neuro Process Controller Software was developed in cooperation with the Chair of Neuroinformatics at the Ruhr University Bochum/Germany and is based on our European IEP® patents for the Cold Aisle Containment Regulation.