who we are


,,Our products and services provide our customers with a clearer picture of their possibilities and opportunities, giving them the best possible overview that only your optician can."

Bernd Steinkühler - Managing Director



Family-owned company


We want to shape our future with a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit based on our tradition as a family business.

We are proud of our tradition as a family-owned company, which has set itself the goal of creating sustainable values and innovations. We pursue a long-term vision for our company - guided by our values. Together with solid financing, we create the basis for a successful future.

Since the company was founded in 2004, the Steinkühler family has stood for the company and made it possible to act with a perspective. Our values and mutual trust unite us in the pursuit of a common goal, to create innovative and sustainable products and services. 

 Everyday questions and wishes of our customers:


Is my system still highly available? What is the legal basis and how are the legal requirements regulated? What are the benefits of TÜV certification for me and what are the differences to the internationally certifying institute? What are the current market trends and what are the real innovations and added value for me?


Our company comprises the following specialist areas:

  • Planning of data centers and highly available systems Level 1/2/3/4
  • Assessment of certification capability / certification by partners
  • Verification of planning documents for compliance with the BSI criteria (KRITIS)
  • Auditing of data centers and highly available facilities
  • Datacenter Technologies Systems for data centers (development and production of systems for energy consumption minimization)
  • Power & Energy Monitoring/ Building Management Systems/ Ultrafast Building Management Systems (Secure DCIM Systems)
  • Energy/ energy efficiency - Consulting
  • EMC expert activity for electrical installations (EMC etc.)
  • Auditing of critical infrastructures according to BSI-100 (IT basic protection)












We place our customers at the centre of our actions. In this way, we always adapt to the expectations and wishes of our customers in order to do them justice in the best possible way. We offer them maximum benefit, quality and service as well as attractive innovations and technologies. Our customers are the focus of our actions and enjoy our highest esteem. This is decisive for our long-term success as a company. In order to guarantee the best products and services as well as the highest quality and outstanding service, we have to understand our customers better than our competitors do.


The Correct Power Institute was founded in 2004 as a private, independent scientific and technical institute for technical safety and rational use of energy. The headquarters of Correct Power Institute GmbH is located in the Technology Center Ruhr on the campus of the Ruhr University Bochum.


We are an internationally operating company that serves its customers from all possible areas with our products and services from the highest available sectors. We will help you with your questions and problems and work with you to find the right answers. We see ourselves as caretakers for our customers!





We strive to constantly expand our role in the area of sustainability.

We want to create sustainable value through our actions, together with our employees, partners and customers.

We assume responsibility for the safety and health of our employees, partners and customers as well as for environmental protection and the quality of life in our environment.


The Correct Power Institute strives for a healthy balance between the demands of society, responsibility for the environment and economic success. We pursue all aspects of sustainable action with a long-term and entrepreneurial approach. In doing so, we not only want to comply with existing standards, but also set new ones.